*hay nku, i wont envision a lot about any of it however, mahirap na ma-excite as my personal layouting skill is restricted to sims hehe.

oct 22, yet another week got passed away.

we were likely to notice device at 9am so hun’s tatay was already knocking on our very own apt’s home by 815. they grabbed 15 minutes before we woke up-and been able to push hun to start the entranceway. a half hour later on we had been at soho belair reception, awaiting agnes, a meridien workers, to demonstrate united states the machine. halimaw, she decided to show up after a great 50 moments later on. haggard na rush yun ha kaines!!

the system was ok, requiring sole minor repair works which should be completed and additionally be inspected on all of our 2nd see recently. anyways, I do believe we’ll do some building work as well as the extra hun and I also chat abt they, the greater amount of we determine doing all the big building work before we relocate. we’re thinking about light and hot water heater installment, paint job, installing of blinds, and some extra — like an overall revamp associated with the established counters, which have been too tiny so either extension na lang or complete revamp talaga. we may feel shelling a whole lot of finances for this but anyways we’re nonetheless talking abt it.

we visited sm fairview to evaluate ace hardware the following day and ayun, we had gotten a number of information of what direction to go and what things to buy. we are going to feel purchase stuff cguro probably on the 3rd or 4th day of november. ideally the return are going to be finished sooner. the earlier it will get finished, the sooner we can easily renovate as well as the sooner we’re able to move in.

we were rushing doing our erands as always coz we overslept again (well, whats brand-new?)

we been able to look at the soho available residence before closing time and we saw the product device. we got a schedule for 1412 monitoring immediately after which we headed to glorietta to get some market. very last minute, we made a decision to get it done the very next day rather and spend night at nova — hun is in fact reproached kc but anyways it absolutely was all right.

24 hours later we went along to another available quarters — palos available home. papang really welcomed us each week before but since we were on the haneymoon, pass na muna kme. we were celebrating tatay’s bday pala and sobrang nabusog kme pareho coz the food never ceased to flowing. hay, there happens my personal eating plan na talaga.

we decided to go to purchase food at sm mkt after ward and in addition we watched „lord of conflict“ a short while later. because my terrible judgement, sobrang haggard ung vehicle parking nmin. I imagined we could only park at sm and deliver the food back to the auto subsequently return to the shopping center to catch the movie. sobrang completion times na pala ng glorietta once we arrived around and we also had to go all over in order to reach g3 -sigh- the film wasnt also really worth the P130 violation if u query me– I imagined it absolutely was an action flick, yuck–drama pala and half committed I became freezing to passing coz i remaining my personal coat inside automobile. buti na lang we were in a position to set thru the leave that’s nearby the parking section of sm. all that hassle tlga for my poor judgement tsk tsk.

cause being, we didnt genuinely wish to invest excessively because of this excursion because this is, once we state, the role 1 of one’s haneymoon (component 2 was on january pa). planning to baguio came up, but considering the travel energy, wag na lang muna. we desired to return to the ‘scene of criminal activity’ sana at puerto galera however the current weather was actually kinda erratic so next time na lang din.

anyways, i thought the weather is perfect for hot springs so no competion — elbi its!

we 1st examined around on all of our usual transient place and had meal at sizzlers. edibles ended up being all right but they must look into doing some big remodelling pretty soon. we visited bring a foot day spa (hun’s basic) and rub along grove a while later plus it got thus sarap

*sigh* certainly will return here the next time im in elbi.

we had bfast at petrinos listed here day and also to my personal dissatisfaction, the meal wasnt just like prior to. alright pa nman dun mag-tapsilog inside the wee time for the early morning dati 🙁

we visited jamboree outdoor camping reasons next becase the nac neighborhood ended up being but to open up whilst was too-early. as always, bisyo nnman — pictures-pictures! hehe :p

there was clearly this time as I was posing for hun and grabe, I found myself assaulted by massive ants! these people were black buti na lang, but regardless if they dont possess toxins like yellow ants do, they still bite like hell mature quality singles login. hun was using my personal pics and I also shrieked „haney, help me to!! help me!!“ — kainesh nde ako tinulungan and I also had to manage barefoot on the auto. kasi pala, he was nevertheless taking photos while I found myself active fending off those halimaw ants hmpf!! . e2 un o

we decided to go to nac chapel in which I was thinking we will get married dati. they considered really unique kc the last energy we were around we didnt have any clear methods for the wedding ceremony. but here we are after 5 months — sitting on exactly the same place, making the same amusing poses never as „mag bf/gf“ but as „mag-asawa“ hehe 🙂

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