Tax Season Loan. Annualised Percentage price only 1.35% or over to HKD2,000 earnings discount

Protect your Personal Digital techniques, watch out for deceptive backlinks: We’re going to never ever deliver any e-mail or SMS with a hyperlink asking to log in to your private e-Banking or to offer personal information. See extra security guidelines

After triggering / switching the mobile phone protection the answer to a new device, you will need to examine the personality by using any Hang Seng financial or HSBC Automatic Teller Machine (Select “Other services” > “Identity verification for Smartphone safety Key activation”) or call the Hotline (852) 2822 0228 (cellphone financial PIN, or Voice ID called for) before you make use of a number of our transfer applications

In light of COVID-19, all Hang Seng limbs need adopted unique strategies and services variations for buyer safeguards. We also suggest using e-Statement solution to avoid later part of the money due to postal delays.


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Hang Seng Bank Branch Solution Plan

In reaction toward latest developments from inside the COVID-19 circumstances, the service hours of all street-level limbs, sites in MTR programs and businesses financial centers have-been adjusted until additional see. For details, kindly click.

As a convenient alternative to visiting Hang Seng service factors, users may use one of the Bank’s other provider channels, eg e-Banking, mobile banking or phone financial (private clients: 2822 0228 / industrial customers: 2198 8000) in order to meet their particular banking needs.

As a result of utilization of enhanced security measures at colleges, entry to institution campus is likely to be restricted to staff members and children best. Customers desiring to visit institution limbs should name all of our Support Service Hotline at 2822 0228 ahead.

The financial institution apologise regarding inconvenience caused.

Security Alarm

Don’t be tempted by fast revenue. Don’t give your bank account to you to launder cash. Avoid burglars exactly who offering quick money via telemarketing or social media marketing systems to attract anyone into promoting or financing their particular bank accounts or make use of her individual recommendations to open up bank account. Crooks will use these stooge reports to receive / launder fake payments and other criminal activity profits.

Never ever offer or give your own bank accounts or individual qualifications to others as they might be mistreated for unlawful reasons and will show that the possibility of committing funds laundering offences – the maximum penalty try a superb of HKD5 million and 14-year imprisonment. View extra protection ideas

If you have centered kids and don’t typically submit a taxation return, the IRS was gathering facts assure you will get the expanded-child-tax-credit month-to-month advance payments that are set to come from July.

This new non-filer sign-up appliance allows lower-income groups to grant their particular personal information to ascertain qualification the child-tax credit score rating also to submit banking account rates to receive direct deposits, as 50 % of the financing should be delivered as advance monthly obligations from July through December.

The non-filer instrument is only for those mothers or appropriate guardians who aren’t required to file a 2020 income tax return, like those that have little to no income or just who are lacking a long-term address, and which decided not to and do not decide to achieve this.

Families that recorded fees in 2020 or 2019 and advertised all their existing dependents should avoid using the device nor need to take any extra motion to claim the credit, since the IRS will determine qualification whilst processes comes back.

There are many more communities which are excluded from using this new, non-filer instrument:

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